There’s this feeling.
You know the one.
We hope everyone has the experience
now and then,
the sense that we matter.
That what we say,
what we promise,
maybe our unique point of view,
our thank you,
our apology,
perhaps an unspoken wish
that for the moment,
simply remains in our soul,
a treasure,
because our privacy is precious
and like us,
We don’t feel more important than others,
we simply want to matter
like rain,
like an ordinary

The specific, unique manifestation of Spirit
that you inhabit,
will bring to this life
what no one else can.
Not a single being or presence
in the entire Universe
can lend your touch,
your vision,
your compassion,
your irritation,
your forgiveness,
your choice to offer kindness.
Isn’t that cool?
There are times when I have thought
that our old clunky world
could sure use a bunch of “Sara’s”.
But there is obviously a greater truth –
it doesn’t.
just you,
are enough.
Isn’t that cool?

Just one more thing.