How do I start a new poem?

  1. In the toolbar at the top of your browser screen, look for New, then select Post.
How do I start a new post?
  1. On the WordPress edit screen, you’ll want to add content in 3 areas:
  • Title (title of poem)
  • Content (big block where you can paste the poem from Pages or just type right in)
  • Featured image (select or upload an image to go with the poem)
  1. You can also organize the posts by adding additional information:
  • Category: i.e., Poetry, Quotes, or add a new category
  • Tags: i.e., subject of the poem (can be a single word or a phrase)

How do I start a new podcast?

Follow the same steps as creating a new post – navigate to new podcast instead. You will be prompted to upload an mp3 file to the Media Library. I’ve given you two Podcasts (songs) to get started.

Add a new podcast